Best Times To Buy Christmas Gifts

So you missed out on the Black Friday deals? Well you didn’t miss out on all the deals, there are still savings to be had. What you may not know is Black Friday is not always the best day for deals on certain items, but to get those good deals you will need to be meticulous about when you go shopping. We want to look at some of the other times, specifically after Black Friday, that you can get some good deals on Christmas gifts this year.

Fortune magazine says that the shopping sweet spot is in the middle of December, like around December 16-18, but if you’re looking for big-ticket items you should probably start looking for deals earlier rather than later. For example, December 15 is a day that in years passed has had laptops and stocking stuffers at their most discounted price. Check out the full list of days in December that are great for certain deals, here.

If you have children and are looking for specific toys that your kids want and are popular this year, those are better bought during the madness of Black Friday because those items will sell out more quickly. During the months leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas retailers will jack up the price of popular toys for that year, says CNBC. Mark LoCastro public relations manager at said in an interview with CNBC that, “They try to create a sense of urgency that these toys are hot and may not be available later on, so grab them now.” But for general items that you know will not sell out, you can wait for the right time in December to grab their favorite toy at a cheaper price. According to TIME’s money section, December 16 is the best day to buy toys. Places like Toys R Us, Target and Walmart will have top discounts on toy items on and around this date because retailers are reaching their “crunch time” period trying to draw in those last-minute shoppers.

TIME says that over the past few years the best time to buy High Definition TVs is December 11-13. They go on to say that, “Two weeks before Christmas from major retailers like BestBuy, Costco, and Walmart have been the best bet for scoring as much as 40% off.” These deals being equal or better than the deals you find on Black Friday.

If jewelry is what your loved one wants this year wait for the month of December. Both Fortune and TIME say that in the month of December jewelry prices freeze despite what the price of gold and silver is at the time. Shop before the holidays are over because after the holidays, prices will jump back up to what the price of precious metals are at the current time.

U.S. News & World Report says that if you are looking for apparel the times when you will save the most money, coupled with coupons, are the two weeks leading up to Christmas. For example, December 18 is known as Free Shipping Day, which is when “hundreds of online retailers offer shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve at no extra charge. Many shops like Macy’s, Gap, and American Eagle, will roll out additional coupon codes you can layer on top of the free shipping offer for a double discount,” says TIME.

Finally, if tools are what you have your eye on this holiday season, wait till December 16th to grab them up, say Fortune. Places like Home Depot and Lowes offer great deals during this time of the year with 30%-40% off some big-ticket home improvement items.

Don’t fret this holiday season if you missed out on some Black Friday door buster deals, there are some shopping gems out there if you know where and when to look. Shopping on the dates we’ve discussed today will save you time and money if you have a strategic plan and know what you are looking for.

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