Setting Financial Resolutions

Everyone at work has been talking about how much weight they are going to lose once New Year’s Day comes. They say they are going to cut out this bad habit or that food group. But how many people have talked about fixing their finances as their main focus for 2017? Only 75% of resolutions even make it through the first week of a New Year! Why not focus on making resolutions that are not only easier to keep but that will also keep giving year after year?

Setting financial resolutions doesn’t mean making unachievable milestones like trying to earn $1 million in a year. All it means is that you want to have control over your money instead of letting it have control over you. Budgeting, monitoring investments, planning, and debt management can help you achieve this control! Dave Ramsey says it best:

“A budget is simply spending money with intention”.

As the new year rolls around and your pocketbooks and wallets are strapped from Christmas, find reprieve that there are very small changes you can make in order to have a more financially free life. Click on the image below to read more about setting Financial Resolutions.

Setting Financial Resolutions

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